Andy’s Licorice Talk

Andy’s Licorice Talk was created during Covid-19. Artistic and Tech Director Lorenzo Iosco and I provide interviews with some of the most influential clarinetists in the world today, educational videos, world premieres in a locked-down world and music videos enhancing Beautiful HK’s image.  

Having accumulated over 50 hours of online interviews, Andy’s Licorice Talk has been widely viewed and featured by the International Clarinet Association, The Candid Clarinetist podcast, Clarineat: The Clarinet Podcast, and Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine.

Interview Highlights:

Jaap Van Zweden

John Corigliano

Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

Stanley Drucker

Osmo Vänskä

Under Pressure: Striving for peak performance

Dr. Sarah Manasreh interviews Andy’s Licorice Talk for the International Clarinet Association

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