Press Quotes

“Andrew Simon’s dark rich sound and flawless technique do wonders for the clarinet works.”
American Record Guide

“A family crisis kept Isabelle Faust from playing Mozart’s Violin Concert No. 4, giving Andrew Simon just a few hours to dust down his basset clarinet for a substitute performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto.  Simon is the principal Clarinettist and had all the needed qualities for the solo part: perfect intonation, faultless lines and a creamy tone throughout the instrument’s range.”
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

“…he is a faultless performer…. Simon’s miraculous fingers twirled, trilled and tintinabulated with a chirpy abandon.”
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

“The … Fantasy on I Puritani … again showcased Simon’s passionate and engaging style of playing, its highly embellished melodies flowing from his clarinet with great precision and sensitivity.”
The Mercury, Tasmania

“Andrew Simon’s … performance … of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto … was simply stunning in its detailed intimacy; if his interpretation hasn’t already been recorded, it should be.”
Sunday Morning Post, Hong Kong 

“…he played with superb technical competence but, more importantly, managed to convey a sense of rediscovery, as though he and his audience were hearing the music for the first time.”
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

…almost god-like technique…
Auditorium Magazine (Korea)
“…peerless… beyond reproach…”
The West Australian
“He played… brilliantly, and with… character, spirit and humor…”
The New York Times
Photo by Matt Dine

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